Eve the Serpent - Hast thou not wondered, Adam, at my stay?...

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Hast thou not wondered, Adam, at my stay? Thee I have missed and thought it long, deprived Thy presence, agony of love till now Not felt, nor shall be twice, for never more Mean I try what rash untried I sough: The pain of absence from thy sight. But strange Hath been the cause and wonderful to hear! This tree is not as we are told a tree Of danger tasted nor to evil unknown Op’ning the way but of divine effect To open eyes and make them gods who taste And hath been tasted such! The serpent wise, Or not restrained as we or not obeying, Hath eaten of the fruit and is become Not dead, as we are threatened, but thenceforth Endued with human voice and human sense Reasoning to admiration and with me Persuasively hath so prevailed that I Have also tasted and have also found Th’ effects to correspond: opener mine eyes, Dim erst, dilated spirits, ampler heart And growing up to godhead which for thee Chiefly I sought, without thee can despise. For bliss as thou hast part to me is bliss, Tedious unshared with thee and idious soon. Thou therefore also taste that equal lot May join us, equal joy as equal love, Lest thou not tasting, different degree Disjoin us and I then too late renounce Deity for thee when fate will not permit.
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Eve the Serpent From the moment Eve is conceived she mirrors many actions and sentiments of Satan. Sinful characteristics,
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Eve the Serpent - Hast thou not wondered, Adam, at my stay?...

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