9-19 - Union density 1983 55.5 1998 27.7 2006 21.4 Wire...

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9/19 Context for telecommunications labor relations 1. courts ruled they had to divest themselves of subsidiaries (broken up). Now AT&T competes with companies it formerly owned 2. technological change: jobs of unionized telephone workers replaced by computers when no longer necessary to call operator to place calls; cell phones how to retrain workers; with wireless lots of non-union companies pop up 3. industry restructuring: lots of mergers now small number of very large companies. Major employers: 1. Verizon/MCI 2. SBC/AT&T 3. Qwest/US West: dominate wire line division and 2/3 of wireless 2 telecom unions: CWA: has become less cooperative: if we can’t get it, we will fight Key issue in partnerships (SBC AT&T): neutrality for organizing union workers; union allowed access in break rooms to use to recruit workers. IBEW: telecom workers (mostly outside workers)
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Unformatted text preview: Union density: 1983: 55.5% 1998: 27.7% 2006: 21.4% Wire line: 23% Wireless: 14% Guest speaker: Rep of local organization of CWA: structured like industrial union • service union • believe in strength in numbers—unions • democracy rules AT&T used to have good relations with CWA—since deregulation they’ve deteriorated, but it’s still better than with Verizon. CB: start bargaining the next contract day after signing one contract. Trying to go from 40 hr workweek 48: Saturday assignments—in lieu of working on Saturday, they give you another day off. Some people were assigned 6 days a week —every Saturday. Now the local is going to bring it to the bargaining committee Industrial unions: National controls bargaining; bargaining/strategy development with Local input Craft Unions: Local controls bargaining with support from National...
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9-19 - Union density 1983 55.5 1998 27.7 2006 21.4 Wire...

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