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Lab 2 outline - 1 Mix 56.8 g starch with 250 mL de-ionized...

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Lab 2 Outline Table of Ingredients -Starch (Corn Starch provide in Lab) -Enzymes (Termamyl Supra α-amylase, and Dextrozyme E) -Water (De-ionized) -Glacial Acetic acid -Sodium Hydroxide Table of Equipment -1 Hotplate -Beakers -Stir bars -Graduated Cylinders -pH Meter -Thermometer -Test tubes -Test Tube Rack -Dropper (Something to take fractions with) Table of Conditions -pH of 5.4 for step 1 α-amylase -pH of 4.3 for step 5 glucoamylase -temp of 105-110 °C for step 2 α-amylase -temp of 60-63 °C for step 5 glucoamylase -temp of 95 °C for step 4 Procedure
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Unformatted text preview: 1) Mix 56.8 g starch with 250 mL de-ionized water and reduce to a pH of 5.4 using the glacial acetic acid and sodium hydroxide to create a buffer. 2) Heat mixture to between 105-110 °C. 3) Add 5 mL of Termamyl Supra α-amylase and react for 5 min. 4) Cool to 95 °C react for 30 min for 1 sample and 90 min for the second sample. 5) Cool mixture to 60 °C, reduce pH to 4.3 and add 5 mL Dextrozyme E and react for the rest of the class period taking fraction every 15 min and placing each fraction in a cool place (i.e. the freezer)....
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