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Barnett Josh Barnett Heckman ENG 260 30 April 2006 Die Verwandlung “The Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, is a stark tale with an unusual protagonist who finds himself, and the people around him, transformed to the core. Gregor Samsa goes to bed a man and wakes up a bug, thrusting his family into an uncertain future. The bug serves as a metaphor for Gregor’s exile from humanity, but by this exile he emerges as a peculiar hero. Though Gregor is horrified at his discovery, strangely, his main concern is his dead-end job and not his health. A job he does not like saying, “My god. ..what a strenuous profession I’ve chosen!” Not only was his job strenuous but humiliating; Gregor does not show up to work once in five years and his boss is at his door, embarrassing Gregor in front of his family, even going as far as accusing him of stealing and threatening to fire him. The terrible, unappreciative boss, plus “the torment of traveling, to the worries about train connections. ..intercourse with people that never lasts” as 1
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Barnett Gregor continues, is enough to convince anyone to quit a job (Kafka 11-2). Kafka refers to the office messenger, a co-worker of Gregor, as “a creature of the boss’s, spineless, and stupid” making him another potential bug who probably worked a job as equally terrible as Gregor’s. Since Gregor is the sole provider for his entire family he endures an awful, strenuous job that shuts him off from relationships with everyone, even his family. Locking all the doors while traveling is a habit
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Die Verwandlung - Barnett Josh Barnett Heckman ENG 260 30...

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