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Quiz 2 - ChE2114 Second Quiz September"a" 2007 g =...

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Unformatted text preview: ChE2114 Second Quiz September "a", 2007 g = 9.81mt’s3 ‘- l. (40 points) A first-order reaction A —) products, with rate constant k = 0.400 min"' is occurring in a continuous stirred-tank reactor. The flow rate of the inlet and outlet streams is 5.00 liters per minute. The concentration of reactant A in the inlet stream is 0.100 molx’L. If the reactor volume is 20.0 liters, what is the concentration of A in the product stream leaving the reactor? 2. (30 points) A gas stream is 20.0 mol % methane (CH4, MW = 16.0) and 80.0 mol % air. The flow rate of the stream is 800 gramsfminute. What is the molar flow rate of CH4 in units of mols per minute? (Air can be considered to be 21 mol % 02, MW = 32.0, and 3’9 moi % N2, MW = 28.0.) &£.MWo-€—M : o. 2.! (31.0) +0374 (115’. o) '-‘-'- .23. 5’ m 1‘? QN-afiivt W’sfiwfimw = 0.100 (too) +0, aootl‘t) :léfi' %:3o‘3%4fl%[email protected] 0.100(30._‘3) :- L.O é fliC’H‘b ( 30 points) A differential manometer is connected at two points to a pipe through which a liquid with density 1.60 g/cm3 is flowing. The manometer fluid is mercury, which has a density of 13.6 gfcm3. If the difference in the height of the mercury in the two manometer legs is 20.0 centimeters. what is the pressure drop. in Nth, between the two points at which the manometer connects to the pipe? AF :?IPL(ff_—'E) :191(0.2_oo)(t3.é~rl.40)i03 :: 2.35xtod’5—io {TVL tu- ...
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