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Final Exam Review Terms - History 1105 Final Exam Terms...

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History 1105 Final Exam Terms Republican Motherhood “hand that rocks the cradle rules the world;” women have to learn a new skill set, not only do they run a household/provide care, now they need to be educated on a different level; history, geology, mathematics, etc. Children need this education opportunity in the way that their predecessors had not; using revolutionary language to justify their actions feme covert - women still legally protected by husband’s status; disappear to law after marriage Abigail Adams Asks John for more power for women in correspondence; uses the natural rights philosophy; asks that married women be given some sort of legal identity of their, some basis of the law for their own distinct and separate individual identity, so if they are being mistreated they have a way out Abolition of slavery (Northern States) gradual emancipation rather than an outright freedom to abolish slavery; PA frees all slave children; held as servants until they maintain a majority; if born in 1780 held as servant until age of 28; MA, NH, RI and CT- by 1786 except for DE has provided for immediate or gradual emancipation of slaves; some loopholes; but by enlarge becoming free In 1781, a black slave woman; MA court case helped establish a legal precedent which would lead to the emancipation of all slaves in the state; Mum Bett wanted to sue for her right to live free. A single slave woman would endeavor to challenge her right for freedom without the support of the masses; founded the civil rights movement; became free; example of how the revolutionary relict is changing slaves views of themselves and their ability to achieve liberty Articles of Confederation Ratified in 1781; U.S.’s first constitution; framework for national government; jealously guarded state sovereignty at the expense of Nat’l power; sharply limited central authority by denying the national government any taxation or coercive powers; deliberately weak; mechanism of uniting gov’t in the face of the war Constitutional Convention (1787) 1787, to address problems in the government of the US following independence from GB; intended only to revise the Articles of James Madison 1809-1817 President; author of Federalist Papers w/ John Jay and Alexander Hamilton; Father of the Constitution U.S. Constitution Supreme law of the land; created a federal union of sovereign states, and a federal gov’t to operate that union. It replaced the less defined union that had existed under the Articles of Confederation 3/5 Compromise compromise between S & N states during the Constitutional Convention, 3/5 of the slave pop was counted for purposes regarding both the distribution of taxes and the apportionment of the members of the House of Reps and Electoral College (through a census); proposed by James Wilson Federalists 1. led by Hamilton and Adams
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Final Exam Review Terms - History 1105 Final Exam Terms...

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