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ChE 2114 Second Quiz September 7, 2007 g = 9.81m/s 2 1. (40 points) A first-order reaction A products, with rate constant k = 0.400 min -1 is occurring in a continuous stirred-tank reactor. The flow rate of the inlet and outlet streams is 5.00 liters per minute. The concentration of reactant A in the inlet stream is 0.100 mol/L. If the reactor volume is 20.0 liters, what is the concentration of A in the product stream leaving the reactor? 2. (30 points) A gas stream is 20.0 mol % methane (CH 4 , MW = 16.0) and 80.0 mol % air. The flow rate of the stream is 800 grams/minute.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the molar flow rate of CH 4 in units of mols per minute? (Air can be considered to be 21 mol % O 2 , MW = 32.0, and 79 mol % N 2 , MW = 28.0.) 3. (30 points) A differential manometer is connected at two points to a pipe through which a liquid with density 1.60 g/cm 3 is flowing. The manometer fluid is mercury, which has a density of 13.6 g/cm 3 . If the difference in the height of the mercury in the two manometer legs is 20.0 centimeters, what is the pressure drop, in N/m 2 , between the two points at which the manometer connects to the pipe?...
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