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CHEM 2535 Problem Set #1 25 points + extra credit Name _________________________ Due: September 5, 2008 Open book; open notes. Collaboration encouraged but not copying. Write responses on this sheet. (6 points) 1. Draw one reasonable Lewis Structure for each of the given molecular formula. (a) C 2 H 3 N (b) H 2 O 2 (c) HNO 3 (9 points) 2. (a) Draw one Lewis structure for each covalent species below. Show lone pairs and (non-zero) atom charges. (b) State whether each compound is polar or non-polar. (a) NH 3 (b) C 2 H 6 O (c) BF 3 (10 points) 3. The correct expanded Lewis structure of a certain compound is shown below. The rigidity of the double bond defines a
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