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PS_1ans - CHEM 2535 Probiem Set#1 25 points ~t extra credit...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 2535 Probiem Set #1 25 points ~t- extra credit Due: September 5, 2008 Onentzsgk; spans?t.,,sr9911abataiion encouraged but not coming- Writsmsasases on this, sheet- (6 oints) 1. Draw one reasonable Lewis Structure for each of the iven molecular formula. (10 points) 3, The correct expanded Lewis structure of ertain compou d is shown below. The rigidity of the double bond defines a plane in its vicinity. (a) Circle every atom (including H's) that must lie in that plane, (1)) In each circle, write the hybridization of the central atom (eigq 5133), (c) In each box, write the approximate value in degrees of the indicated bond angie. (extra credit +3) 3. Is suifur dioxid (803) a polar molecule? You must show a Lewis structure to support your answen ‘ ""- mug 510323;. N _. &§w:_c {Ste “'OWL‘S mer U / -' "a €516: bet/i “l’ ...
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