Lecture9408 - Realism – premise that the international...

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Unformatted text preview: Realism – premise that the international system is anarchical • Because there is no world government states have to worry about other states trying to impose their will upon each other • Order and security • Hegemonic realism – that anarchy leads states to try for predominance, to become the top state in the system o Involves cutting deals with certain actors o Asserts that states are rational WWII weakened every world state except for the United States • Distribution of power across countries • WWII affected the ability of various states to compete for dominance o Japan and Germany were ultimately defeated in the war o Great Britain was devastated, rationing through the late 1940s and was in massive debt Dependent on the U.S. Heavily bombed Most of the industry went to the war effort, trouble after the war converting industry back to civilian use Returning soldiers did not have jobs o Soviet Union Economy was devastated Lost 20 million people in the war o France Defeated early in the war by Germany Demoralized and at 1945 was not contingent as a world power o South Asia Britain had to let go of it’s Raj o United States...
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Lecture9408 - Realism – premise that the international...

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