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Unformatted text preview: Evolution of more Complex Regions is what Comparison of Animal Brains Matters Weight (g) Sperm Whale Fin Whale Orca Elephant Bottle-nosed Dolphin Human Cow Chimpanzee Sheep Mouse Shrew 7,820 6,930 5,620 5,000 1,600 1,500 500 400 100 0.5 0.25 Human brain Brain/Body (%) = increased in Shrew 3.33 size Human 2.10 Increase in Mouse 2.08 cerebrum Chimpanzee 0.95 Bottle-nosed Dolphin Sheep 0.94 Note 0.25 Elephant 0.20 structures of Orca 0.09 one species Cow 0.08 usually found Sperm Whale brains of 0.02 in Fin Whale related 0.01 species ...
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