021808 MUS302L notes - Cothen (1717-1723) Music Director...

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The Function of Music: Bach at Church 02/18/08 Music serves a purpose, music creates possibility of emotions Compare musical characteristics of the following three works, including instrumentation/voicing, rhythm, texture, form, language, text-setting,etc. (10 pts) Suggest a likely timeframe for each piece (5 pt) Situate the pieces in the cultural and historical context of their composition, touching on their significance to music history (10 pt) 1 st : monophonic, neumatic, strophic, male voices 2 nd : A, B form; imitative polyphony, neumatic, homophonic at end of 2 nd stanza, male & female voices 3 rd 1 st : plainchant (medieval), 2 nd : Renaissance 3 rd : Lutheran /Calvinist type J.S. Bach Whole family musicians, trained in keyboard Early years (~1700-1717) Organist for Lutheran establishments Composed mostly keyboard chorales, some cantatas because knows keyboard, help congregation connected and participating
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Unformatted text preview: Cothen (1717-1723) Music Director for Calvinist prince Composed mostly secular works because prince wants entertainment music, and plus, Calvinist sacred music is not polyphonic (Calvin not want polyphony get in way of text) Leipzig (1723-1750) Supervisor of sacred music for Lutheran city Composed cantatas, other sacred works; began publishing his keyboard music because want to teach others his music, his keyboard skills, plus, if Bach recommends individuals, they get a hookup as organist in church Chorale (Lutheran hymn) Prelude monophonic, congregational singing introduce hymn opening by messing around musical idea of certain line of hymn, improvise on-the-fly play actual hymn with feet (bottom of texture); people back then knew hymns by heart, keyboardist elaborating on hymn by adding textures and intertwining musical ideas Sacred Cantata connection to hymns, create new text that relates to original text...
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021808 MUS302L notes - Cothen (1717-1723) Music Director...

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