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It is important for one to get a full night of sleep for one to function properly the following day. It is very stressful for one to come home the night before after a long studying session only to find that a disturbing mess was created. One looks at the mess and gives a disappointing head shake, only to find that it was two hours past midnight. One calmly completes the nightly duties of good dental hygiene, only to remember that one is drenched in sweat from walking in the hot summer night. Breathing in exhaustion, one contemplates whether if one should bathe away the dirty scum of the summer night. Indeed, it would
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Unformatted text preview: be the wise thing to do. It is imperative that the water be hot when one steps in the shower. It should be just hot enough for the water to soothe the person but to not scald the person. It is always annoying when the water takes a while to change from unsettling coolness to a comforting warmness. One should go to bed after he showers (when nightfall after one’s deeds are done). The importance of this procedure is to ensure the productivity for the following day. It is sensible to do so because that way one can ensure their cleanliness before crawling into bed. No one likes going home and sleeping in a dirty bed....
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