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Journal- Week 1- News Story Review Britney donates hot painting for a good cause by x17online.com staff Britney Spears donates and becomes charitable. She will donate the proceeds from the painting to Mariam House, which is "a caring residential community for homeless women living with HIV disease", according to their website. Today she will donate the painting which will be auctioned off on ebay-starting bid at $10,000-to the highest bidder. The painting is of Ms. Spears scantily clothed and thus ‘hot.’ I think that celebrities are a key ingredient for HIV/AIDS advocacy. I believe more celebrities should use their powerful voices to speak up about the AIDS problem, not only in the US but globally. One key celebrity automatically jumps to mind when I think about AIDS advocacy, and that is Bono of U2.
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Unformatted text preview: More celebrities should be like Bono, use their power and wealth to try and make life better for millions of people around the globe. Celebrities should use their voice to voice the unheard voice of the millions of people who are infected with the disease. They should use air-time or publication (magazine, interviews, etc.) to voice the current state of AIDS. I think specifically they should debunk many of the myths and legends about AIDS. Like how AIDS cannot be transmitted through skin to skin contact. Their powerful voices should be used more carefully to voice the often unheard voices of AIDS infected people around the world. Source: http://x17online.com/celebrities/britney_spears/britney_donates_hot_painting_for_a_goo d_cause-09132008.php...
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