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Nicholas Salazar WST494- Politics in Women’s Health Short policy paper #1 After reading Jane Zone’s article “Profits from pain: the political economy of breast cancer,” a number of non-biological problems were suggested about the current state of the breast cancer industry. The biggest problem I recognized by reading the article is that breast cancer has removed a face to the cancer and replaced a face with a huge dollar sign; breast cancer has become a source of economic gain rather than disease to be cured. In the article, she states, “breast cancer has many profit centers- detection, treatment, prevention and even advocacy.” At each ‘profit center’ there are a number of beneficial and controversial problems. For simplicity, I will try to tackle one specific non-biological problem. An underlying cause that is see is that the statistics are used to exaggerating the benefit of a product of service. As presented in the article, “in 1999, a follow-up study reported that prophylactic mastectomy effectively reduces the risk of developing cancer by 90
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