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Microbiology quiz 3

Microbiology quiz 3 - The significance of the plasma 1...

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The significance of the plasma membrane of procaryotes is that it selectively allows some molecules to pass into the organism it allows them to sense what is occurring their environment it is the site of energy generation Correct answer: all of the above 1 0 2 The term that best describes an organism that varies in shape is coccus staphylococcus Correct answer: pleomorphic filamentous 1 0 3 Thiomargarita nambiensis is the largest bacterium discovered and adjusts to being large by: having a highly convoluted membrane having organelles like eucaryotic cells Correct answer: having a vacuole that occupies 98% of the cell none of the above 1 0 4 In bacterial cells, ribosomes are packed into the cytoplasmic matrix and also loosely attached to the plasma membrane. What is the function of ribosomes? Site of energy production Correct answer: Site of protein synthesis Site of genetic reproduction none of the above 1 0 5 Which of the following is NOT true of the nucleoid of procaryotes? it is a single circle of DNA It is looped and coiled extensively Correct answer: it contains histone proteins all of the above are true 1 0 6 In the type III protein secretion pathway 1 0
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Correct answer: a protein is transported across the inner and outer membranes and injected directly into a plant or animal cell. plasmids are transferred for conjugation. The Sec pathway takes the protein across the inner membrane and autotransporters carry it across the outer membrane. None of the above. 7 Bacteria do not always swim aimlessly but are attracted by such nutrients such as sugar and amino acids, and are repelled by harmful substances and bacterial waste products. Movement toward chemical attractants and away from repellents is called gliding motility. tumbling. Correct answer: chemotaxis. peritrichous 1 0 8 Pili are : small hairlike projections around the cell. Correct answer: needed for conjugation. can have over 1000/cell. all of the above. 1 0 9 Formation of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate inclusion bodies protect bacteria from excessive drying. Correct answer:
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Microbiology quiz 3 - The significance of the plasma 1...

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