microbiology quiz 2

microbiology quiz 2 - The substage condenser changes the...

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The substage condenser changes the wavelength of the light reaching the specimen Correct answer: focuses light on the specimen decreases the amount of light reaching the specimen reduces the velocity of light 1 0 2 A 40X objective and an 10X ocular produce a total magnification of 50 Correct answer: 40 0 90 1 0 3 Living, unstained cells and organisms can be observed best using fluorescent microscopy transmission electron microscope Correct answer: phase contrast microscopy brightfield microscope 1 0 4 Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) is best used to study small internal cell structures. Correct answer: surface morphology. all of the above. 1 0 5 A microscope in which an image is formed by passing an electron beam through a specimen and focusing the scattered electrons with magnetic lenses is called a Correct answer: transmission electron microscope scanning electron microscope phase-contrast microscope atomic force microscope 1 0 6 Resolution is the ability of a lens to distinguish between small objects close together. What approximate resolution can be obtained with a lower power (10X, N.A. 0.25) objective lens? 0.2 microns 0.3 microns Correct answer: 0.9 microns 0.25 1 0 7 Fixation is the process by which the structures of the cells are preserved and fixed in position. An advantage of chemical fixation over heat fixation is that it 1 0
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magnifies the specimen Correct answer: does not destroy internal structures 8 Monochromatic (one color) light is sometimes used to increase the resolution of light microscopes. Light of which color below would give you the best resolution?
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microbiology quiz 2 - The substage condenser changes the...

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