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Microbiology quiz 4 - Question 1 The cytoskeleton consists...

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Question Points Possible Your Score 1 The cytoskeleton consists of: micofilaments of actin protein microtubules composed of alpha and beta-tubulin intermediate filaments Correct answer: all of the above 1 0 2 The mitochondria is the site of protein synthesis lipid synthesis Correct answer: energy production 1 0 3 Proteins that have failed to fold correctly are: secreted ouside the cell by Golgi vesicles. are corrected in the endoplasmic reticulm. Correct answer: are attached to ubiquitin polypeptides which marks the protein for degradation. transported to lysosomes. 1 0 4 Which of the following statements about Endoplasmic reticulum (ER) is not true? ER can transport proteins and lipids to the plasma membrane for secretion. ER is the main site for cell membrane biosynthesis. ER is contiguous with the nuclear membrane. Correct answer: ER is involved in the synthesis of many materials it transports. 1 0 5 When Listeria monocytogenes invades a eucaryotic cell, it secretes the ActA protein that Correct answer: polymerizes actin filaments, causing the bacterium to move through the cytoplasm. depolymerizes microfilaments, allowing the bacterium to move more easily in the cytoplasm. degrades the cytoskeleton, allowing the bacterium to travel through the plasma membrane to adjacent cells. attaches to microtubules, allowing the bacterium to move along the fibers. 1 0 6 Which of the following is NOT a part of interphase of the eucaryotic cell cycle? 1 0
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active synthesis of RNA, ribosomes and other cytoplasmic constiuents. cell growth. DNA replication. Correct answer: DNA segregation. All of the above are a part of interphase. 7 Which of the following is NOT a mechanism for a cell to degrade its own cytosolic proteins? Autophagic vacuoles
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Microbiology quiz 4 - Question 1 The cytoskeleton consists...

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