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David Reyes Petersen s71675 LEB 320f Lawrence v. Fox Brief 1. Citation: Lawrence v. Fox, 20 N.Y. 268 (N.Y. Ct. App. 1859) 2. Facts: Fox (Appellee) needed a loan so he contracts with Holly. Holly, who owed money to Lawrence (Appellant), agreed to loan Fox $300 if in return Fox would pay Lawrence $300 the next day. Fox never paid. Lawrence sued. 3. Issue: Does third party have a right to enforce a contract between two parties when a premise of the contract is consideration owed to the third party? 4. Appellant’s Arguments: The terms of the loan agreement between Holly and Fox had an explicit intent to pay Lawrence soon after and this agreement was breach so the consideration must given to Lawrence as per the loan agreement. The agreement between Holly and Fox created a kind of trust towards Lawrence and thereby placed the debt of money to be paid to Lawrence. 5. Appellees’ Arguments: Fox argued that there was no proof to show that Holly
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