Doll House - Ali 1 Nasir Ali Mr. Spreckels English 1302-901...

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Ali 1 Nasir Ali LWP 1083 Mr. Spreckels English 1302-901 7 July, 2008 “A Doll House” Life Henrick Ibsen along with other writers has been using characters to prove or make a reader see the theme or message. Nora is Ibsen’s symbol to represent the power struggle for a women’s in that society’s time. Nora’s has many appearances one is as a doll living in “A Doll House”, the protagonist doll housewife, and the along with these different appearances comes dilemmas. Nora is a doll living in a doll house. In the play “A Doll House”, Henrick Ibsen represents Nora through diction, symbolism, and other literary elements making Nora seem like a toy doll. In Act 1 of the play Nora seems happy. She is pampered and supported by her husband. Torvald says “Surely my little sweet tooth hasn’t been running riot in town today, has she” (1041). Nora then says no and she wouldn’t “think of going against [Torvald]” and Torvald says that he was joking (1042). Torvald uses “my” in this statement and whenever he refers to Nora, suggesting that he is possessive and selfish. Throughout the beginning of the play she seems to answer and always agree with Torvald and whatever he says, making her even more doll-like. She supports him in every way and accepts all his teasing, which makes Nora seem feeble. “When did my squirrel come home?” (1040). “Has my little spendthrift been wasting money again?” “That is like a woman!” (1041). He calls her squirrel to degrade her and uses women in degrading manner. A squirrel symbolizes dirtiness, scavenging, and likes to hide acorns. Because Torvald referred to Nora as a squirrel, he is then indirectly saying she is dirty, and a
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Ali 2 scavenger. Nora is a squirrel (weak, small, and helpless) in Torvald’s eyes, because he believes he is the only one giving her support. He provides for her, which gives him the power. He really
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Doll House - Ali 1 Nasir Ali Mr. Spreckels English 1302-901...

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