Anth 200 23

Anth 200 23

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Unformatted text preview: Death from vehicular accidents motorcycle accidents: dashed lines; car accidents: solid lines. Green: males; red: females. Westermarck hypothesis Age-specific fertility in !Kung Mate preferences by sex Sex differences in #s of sexual partners preferred Sex differences by region in #s of sexual partners preferred Education and intelligence Ambition and industriousness Good financial prospect Good cook and housekeeper Dependable character Desire for home and children Similar political background Similar education Favorable social status or rating Good health Chastity* Similar religious background Good looks Pleasing disposition Mutual attraction/love Sociability Emotional stability and maturity Refinement, neatness * Chastity was defined as having no sexual experience before marriage. Cultural differences in mating preferences (a) chastity (b) good financial prospect Fathers and offspring Stress and relatedness Adoption among kin in Oceania...
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