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Anth 200 21 - Sahelanthropus tchadensis(7-6 mya...

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Unformatted text preview: Sahelanthropus tchadensis (7-6 mya) Australopithecus afarensis (3.9-2.9 mya) Australopithecus africanus (3.5-2.0 mya) Australopithecus (P.) aethopicus (2.7-2.5 mya) Australopithecus (P.) boisei (2.3-1.2 mya) Australopithecus (P.) robustus (2.0-1.5 mya) Homo rudolfensis (2.0-1.5 mya) Homo habilis (2.0-1.5 mya) Homo ergaster (1.8-1.0 mya) Homo erectus (1.8-.05 mya) Homo heidelbergensis (800-125 kya) Homo neanderthalensis (150-30 kya) Homo sapiens (27,000 ya) Anatomically modern human (AMH) localities Homo sapiens (27,000 ya) Cro Magnon 1 H. erectus H. heidelbergensis H. neanderthalensis H. sapiens Models of human phylogeny African Homo sapiens? (300-200 kya) Florisbad, S. Africa African Homo sapiens (190 kya) Omo-Kibish I, Ethiopia African Homo sapiens (160-154 kya) Herto African Homo sapiens (80-50 kya) Border Cave Near East Homo sapiens (110-90 kya) Skuhl, Israel Near East Homo sapiens (110-90 kya) Qafzeh, Israel SE Asian Homo sapiens (40 kya) Wadjak 1 Asian Homo sapiens (24 kya) Zhoukoudian Australian Homo sapiens (40 kya) Lake Mungo Australian Homo sapiens (13,000-9500 ya) Willandra Lakes H. erectus Ngandong, Indonesia European Homo sapiens (36,000 ya) Oase, Romania European Homo sapiens (32-25 kya) Mladec, Czech Republic European Homo sapiens (27,000 ya) Cro Magnon Oldowan tool industry (2.5 mya) Acheulean tool industry (1.4 mya-250 kya) Prepared core technology (Levallois technique) (300 kya) (Mousterian technique) (127-30 kya) Aurignacian (40-27 kya) Chtelperronian, Gravettian, Solutrean, Magdalenian Lower Paleolithic, or Early Stone Age Middle Paleolithic, or Middle Stone Age Upper Paleolithic, or Later Stone Age Upper Paleolithic blade core industry Middle Stone Age in Africa Neanderthals & Upper Paleolithic tools Arcy-sur-Cure Chtelperronian Upper Paleolithic tools Aurignacian Solutrean blades Upper Paleolithic shelter Upper Paleolithic shelter Chauvet (36,000 ya) Lascaux (17 kya) Lascaux Aurignacian carvings from southern Germany (32 kya) The carvings represent the head of a cave lion (a), a horse (b), a mammoth (c) and a male human figure with the head of a cave lion (d). Models of human phylogeny Molecular clock Rate constancy Calibrate with fossil record Mitochondrial "Eve" mtDNA tree Y chromosome tree ...
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