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Anth 200 18 - Homo erectus dispersal maximum glaciation in...

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Unformatted text preview: Homo erectus dispersal maximum glaciation in Pleistocene Homo erectus? (1.75 mya) Dmanisi Homo erectus? (1.75 mya) Nariokotome Dmanisi Homo erectus (900,000 ya) Trinil 2, "Pithecanthropus I" "Java Man" Homo erectus Sangiran 2, "Pithecanthropus II" Homo erectus (50,000-25,000 ya) Ngandong--Java Homo erectus (600,000-250,000 ya) Zhoukoudian China Homo erectus (600,000-250,000 ya) "Sinanthropus pekinensis" Zhoukoudian, China Homo antecessor? (800,000 ya) Gran Dolina, Spain Homo antecessor? (800,000 ya) Acheulean tool industry Acheulean tool industry (1.5 mya-250 kya) Flores Homo florisiensis? ...
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  • Fall '07
  • Yamashita
  • homo erectus, República Popular China, HOMO, Homo antecessor, Sitio de los primeros hombres de Sangiran, Homo erectus pekinensis

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