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Anth 200 19 - brain size change in hominids Homo...

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Unformatted text preview: brain size change in hominids Homo heidelbergensis (500-400 kya) Mauer I H. heidelbergensis and antecessor (archaic Hs) Homo heidelbergensis Homo heidelbergensis (antecessor) (400-300 kya) Sima de los Huesos Homo heidelbergensis (250-200 kya) Steinheim Homo heidelbergensis (300-150 kya) Petralona African archaic Homo sapiens (600 kya) Bodo African archaic Homo sapiens (125 kya) Kabwe (Broken Hill) Homo heidelbergensis Kabwe Asian archaic Homo sapiens (200-130 kya) Oldowan tool industry (2.5 mya) Acheulean tool industry (1.4 mya-250 kya) Lower Paleolithic, or Early Stone Age Prepared core technology (Levallois technique) (300 kya) Middle Paleolithic, or Middle Stone Age Levallois technique Schöningen spears Ice core climate data ...
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