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Life of Pi Questions 1.Martel began his novel in a way that lead the reader to believe the novel was non-fiction, even though, in reality, it is fiction.Martel did this to not only catch the reader’s attention, but to also create confusion.Not understanding the difference between fiction and non- fiction and that the line between the two states can be so easily blurred helped the author to create a purposeful and continual questioning in the reader.Perhaps even more simply,many readers are more interested in true events rather than something that is just made up.What makes the story intriguing is never knowing what is actually real and what is not real.It was clever of Martel to create confusion, to challenge the reader to decide between fact and fiction, right from the beginning of the novel.It is not a comfortable novel to read, but, the feeling is closer to the way life really is. 2.Martel opened the book with the statement of “My suffering left me sad and gloomy”.Pi explained many reasons why he enjoyed studying the three-toed sloth, but the one
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