psych hw 10-2 - dreaming is “conscious awareness during...

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Dan Collins Essay Number 2 Cynthia Fife 10-2-2007
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Life without long term memory would be very different from what we know it as today. Long term memory plays a huge role in a lot of every day actions. It allows a person to think back to past events and use this memory to make future decisions. Memories play such a huge role in my life. These include memories of past family members or past events. I use memories every single day. I often can think back to a past event from even just a few years ago to either tell a story or make a decision. Without these memories, people around the world wouldn’t have any idea about how to base decisions. The normal everyday conversations that you have with a friend or family member stem from your long term memory. This is because part of the reason you remember certain things is because they were very big parts of your life and were very important. Without long term memory, I don’t think that dreams would be possible either. A state of
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Unformatted text preview: dreaming is “conscious awareness during sleep that primarily occurs during rapid eye movement” (Psychology, an Introduction, Lahey). This to me means that there needs to be some long term memory involved in order to dream. When I dream, I usually recount past events and memories. These are often twisted into a newer action or event, but always involve past memories. Long term memory is the third stage of memory, involving the storage of information that is kept for long periods of time. This defines why long term memory is essential for future decision making. Without this, people would have to record past events almost like recording memories in a journal. Common sense would never develop, due to not being able to remember what was smart or not. Without long term memory, everyday life and the world as we know it would never be the same....
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psych hw 10-2 - dreaming is “conscious awareness during...

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