Assingment 1 - Assignment One A38852595 Row B6 Dr Laura...

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Assignment One A38852595 Row B6 Dr. Laura Cheney October 4, 2007
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A38852595 Row B6 How do you think that that sugar you put in your coffee is grown? There are many different steps that take in the agriculture field to produce that five pound bag of sugar is used in every day bake goods. There eight players that are involved Agri- Food System. Some are Farm service/ Agriculture Inputs Suppliers, Processor, and Retail Stores. In Michigan there are about 175,000 acres of land that is planted each year in Michigan to produce sugar from sugar beets. Way back in 1897 a bill was pass by the Michigan Legislature that a farmer receive at least four dollars per ton of beets and that those beets are processed for one cent per pound of sugar that was made in Michigan. In 2004 two company Monitor Grower and Michigan Sugar Company that have been very competitive with each other over that last twenty century join together to become one big company today called Michigan Sugar Company. That annually generates 300 million dollars in the sugar operation. The Michigan Sugar Company has about 450 people working year around and 1,750 people that work only seasonal. They have five manufacturing factories in Michigan that make sugar. In Michigan the sugar industry is up to 3.4 million tons of sugar beets being grown as of 2003. The Michigan Sugar Company is ranked fourth out of twelve states that grow sugar beets in the United States. This company is a farmer owned cooperative. The company is owned by approximately around 1,250 farmer growing sugar beets. The farmers are all owner of the
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Assingment 1 - Assignment One A38852595 Row B6 Dr Laura...

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