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Key Stress & Health Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 13) Stress Sources of Stress 1. Life events: crime & violence; loss of family member; natural disasters; terrorism; daily hassles 2. Frustration- 3. Conflict: Approach-approach- The individual must choose between two positive goals of approximately equal value. Example: choosing two jobs with comparable salaries. Avoidance-avoidance- This type of conflict involves more obvious sources of stress. The individual must choose between two or more negative outcomes. Example: person with a toothache must decide whether or not to choose between the pain of the toothache or the pain of going to the dentist. Approach-avoidance- arises when obtaining a positive goal necessitates a negative outcome as well. Example- a student who has been accepted to an out of state college must choose whether or not to leave her long time boyfriend to attend school. Multiple approach-avoidance- requires the individual to choose between alternatives that contain both positive and negative consequences. Example- an athlete must choose between two schools that offered him a scholarship for a sport. One school won a championship but you dislike the coach and several players. The other team is a weaker team, but you like the coach and the players. Both choices involve positive and negative outcomes. 4. Pressure- the stress that arises from threats of negative events. Example- in school there is a
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Key_Stress_and_health_terms_chapter_13 - Key Stress &...

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