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assn6 - EEE 203 Assignment 6 Due April 9 29B...

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Unformatted text preview: EEE 203: Assignment 6 Due April 9, 29B? Discrete—time Fourier Transfijrm [problems from the book] 5.6 a, e 5.13 5.2!] Continuouetime Fourier Transform 1. Use linearity and time shift theorm to find the Fourier transform of rlt] = u{t + l} .. oft — 1) — 2[u[t + 2} — oft - 2}]. Ehrpress the answer in terms of sine. function. 2. Find the Fourier transform for the periodic square were shown below. #1:, "7%“ TE};- To t 3. Fourier Transform properties {a} If soft} is even, show that its Fourier transform is real for all a: {i.e., its imaginary part is identically D}. {b} If craft] is odd, show that its Fourier transform is imagii'rarjlr for all to {i.e., its real part is itientitielly,r U}. Time—domain convolution 4. Compute the convqution of rift} and Mt} where {a} oft} = Mt] and Mt} = ire—fluff], o. 2:: I}. {h} soft] = u[t} — refit — T1} and Mt] = wit] — oft — T2}, T1 3:— T2. ...
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