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Key Social Psychology Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 16) Deindividuation- state in which people in a group can feel anonymous and unidentifiable and therefore feel less concerned with what others think of their behavior. Bystander Apathy- Diffusion of responsibility- The effect of being in a group that apparently reduces the sense of personal responsibility of each group member to act appropriately. Social facilitation- An effect in which working in a group improves ones performance on individual projects. Social Loafing- The tendency of members of a group to work less hard when group performance is measures than when individual performance is measured. Group think- the faulty decision making processes that may occur in groups. Three key factors- The process of polarization The cohesiveness of members of the group The size of the group Polarization- the tendency for group discussion to make beliefs and attitudes more extreme. Conformity- Yielding to group pressure even when no direct request to comply has been made. Several factors increase the likelihood of conformity of the group- Size of the group- the more people in a group, the more likely we are to go along. When the group gets too large, however, conformity levels off. Unanimous groups- Conformity is highest when we face a group who all feel the same way about a topic. This is greatly reduced when even one other person in the group feels as we do. Culture and conformity Gender and Conformity- males are more independent and less likely to conform than females. Social norms- guidelines provided by every culture for judging acceptable and
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Key_social_psychology_terms_chapter_16 - Key Social...

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