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Arch103 lecture1 - Intro to Architecture Dean John Gaunt...

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Intro to Architecture Dean John Gaunt 8/26 lecture, (notes on 5000 years of Architecture): Slide: 3000 B.C. Pyramids at Giza Monumental architecture, burial sites Heft and nothingness Slide: The Sphinx Slide: Stonehenge, England Erected for astrological observation 320 foot diameter Slide: Temple, Karnac Egypt Hypostyle Hall Columns beginning to have fluting Size dictates limits of stone construction (Span) Slide: Parthenon, Athens Greece Birthplace of our cultural ideals Proportion changes in columns Articulation in capitol, cornice and frieze Representation in stone of archaic wood construction Slide: Maison Carree, Nimes, France Greater elaboration in fluted columns Language of architecture refined and articulate Slide: Coliseum, Roma Italy Form of construction derived from material-stone Buildings through the middle ages develop Construction with arches Slide: Roman Viaduct, Nimes Durability, functionality Slide: Pantheon, Roma Italy 30’ oculus in middle of dome open to elements Coffers offer larger span by removing material, thus weight through changing stone throughout dome Slide: Hagia Sofia, Istanbul Turkey Christian tradition church, now Islamic Dome built with different methodology 165’ dome forerunner of gothic cathedrals
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Slide: Cathedral, Durham England Romanesque Quadripartite vault becoming more elaborated Height/width ratio fixed, ribs being to develop Columns sculpted to be as light as possible Simulation of heaven through height Slide: Notre Dame, Paris France Gothic- arches point toward heaven - ascension Taller vaults want to push out
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Arch103 lecture1 - Intro to Architecture Dean John Gaunt...

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