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Religion 121g Cyncism has the greatest influence of all the Greek philosophers in the writing of the New Testament Cynics tried to argue that the minimum is the optimum, the simple life Why life the simple, cynic life? o You are closer to the gods, they need nothing, you should need nearly nothing o If you have nothing, they can’t take anything away from you o It’s manly o It makes you virtuous What is the cynic life? o No house (Diogenes slept in a storage barrel) o Little money, just enough to buy simple food o No objects (i.e. Diogenes saw a boy drinking water from his hands, and he threw away his cup) o No favors from people (i.e. Alexander the Great said “ask me for whatever you want” and Diogenes asked, ‘get out of my sunlight’) o No slaves (i.e. Ppl told Dio to get back his runaway slave, he said it’s ridiculous that I should need a slave but the slave doesn’t need me”) o No inheritance; Crates said if my sons become philosophers, they will o Crates condemns the wealthy o Slavery shouldn’t phase a cynic, Diogenes was bought & sold as a slave, he ends up being a paidogogas to the sons of his owner, raising the sons to be like good cynics o simple meals - water only; simple clothing – no undergarment, no sandals (barefoot) o Anaideia (shamelessness): this distinguished the cynics from the other virtuously based philosophies; it was a critique of the aristocratic lifestyle, a rejection of that; Diogenes did everything in public “both the acts of Demeter (eating) and the acts of Aphrodite” Back then, eating in public was kind of a bad show Diogenes peed on people who called him a dog & threw bones at him o Diogenes is depicted in Mudd Hall, holding a lamp, looking for a real man 2 stories related to Cynicism: written by Luceum of Sanosata (?) o Luceum was a sophist o Both stories have a shoemaker character named Micellus; the stories look at cynicism from two different ways o The Dream, or The Rooster Micellus has a great dream, but a Rooster wakes him up in the middle of it, so he clubs the rooster than falls back to sleep and dreams this conversation with his rooster
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According to the prosmanamatha (sp?), it’s a mixed fable Before Micellus slept, Eucrates invites Micellus to take the place of a sick philosopher at his dinner party; Micellus is totally excited, but then the philosopher shows up anyway Eucrates, quite generously, sends his son to the women’s quarters so Eucrates gets to experience his first dinner party (although he had to sit next to the verbose guy) He takes home 5 beans, feeds them to the rooster, and sleeps. Micellus dreams that Eucrates has died and given him all his
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Religion_121g - Religion 121g Cyncism has the greatest...

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