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Religion 121 Notes August 26, 2008 Literary Ethnographer- will go through these three zones, and will describe culture. 3 Geographical terms: Chora: agricultural area around cities where peasants primarily live. Polis: city, urban center, where aristocrats primarily live. Erimos- land that is not fertile or productive (ie. Too dry, too wet, too dar, too high) August 28, 2008 We will use literature contemporary to the new testament. The new testament is 27 writings, 4 gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) All the writings of the new testament are Greek, of the eastern part of Greece. All material during this time was written on papyrus… Papyrus paper is made by placing the fibers crossing and then smashed together. Minander- Greeks comedies Dionysis- god of theatre One festival in mid February—Lendia In 316 BC- Bad Tempered Man was performed in the city of Athens and dated accurately to this year. Greeks would compete for a title, and Bad Tempered Man actually won. Bad Tempered Man-
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Religion_121_Notes - Religion 121 Notes Literary...

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