ASSIGN Persuasive Message & 100 pt Rubric

ASSIGN Persuasive Message & 100 pt Rubric - BCOM 3304...

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BCOM 3304 Business Communication Assignment Persuasive Message PROBLEM: You are a claims adjuster for Statewide Insurance. Your job requires you to investigate automobile accident claims, negotiate settlements, and authorize payments. Customers are already distressed, of course, over their accidents and possible physical injury. The last thing they need is a delay in settling their insurance claims and getting their vehicles repaired. Because you travel the entire eastern half of your state to physically examine the damaged vehicles and talk with those involved, you constantly have to search maps and the Internet for directions to out-of-the-way places. It occurs to you that you could be more productive and provide better customer service if you had an onboard automotive navigation system that relies on the federally operated Global Positioning System (GPS). The device you’re interested in is the Street Pilot III, which boasts a large color display as well as voice prompts (such as “turn right at the next intersection”) and automatic routing capability. It’s portable, so you can use it on any vehicle—which is particularly useful since you sometimes have to fly to your destination and then rent an automobile. The cost is $699.99, but there is no monthly access charge. Send a memo to your boss, Lisette Washington, vice president of operations, trying to sell her on the idea. She will be concerned, of course, about whether the other two adjusters will request the same device. PROCESS: What is the purpose of your message? Describe your audience? What do you want your audience to think, feel, and do? How do you anticipate your audience will respond to your message? How will you organize your message? What are the components of a persuasive
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ASSIGN Persuasive Message & 100 pt Rubric - BCOM 3304...

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