Exam5_2008_Solutions - NAME ______________________________...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME ______________________________ Officially Enrolled in ME or BME?________ Front Page Fluid Mechanics Exam 5, Spring 2008 There are 5 problems on this exam: Problem 1: 12 points -double integral Problem 2: 12 points – fill in the blank, definitions, easy manometry Problem 3: 15 points - buoyancy Problem 4: 12 points – div grad curl Problem 5: 20 points – Venturi pump By signing below I agree to abide by the following honor code: As a member of the Northwestern community, I will not take unfair advantage of any other member of the Northwestern community. I specifically agree not to reveal to any other student the contents of this exam. Signature: Date: Exam 5, Spring 2008 page 1 Problem 1 (12 points): The drawing shows a dam filled with a fluid with specific weight γ γ γ γ = B – Ay where A and B are constants. The top of the dam is open to the atmosphere. Notice that the location of y = 0 has been indicated in the drawing on the right. The shape of the dam is given by the equation y = |Cx 3 | where C is a constant. Side View Front View Write a double integral to find the magnitude of the force due to pressure acting on the wall of the dam that is in contact with the water. Make the outside integral with respect to the variable x. You do not need to solve the integral. You will be graded only on how you set it up, including limits of integration. Use gage pressure to express your answer....
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This note was uploaded on 09/29/2008 for the course MECH 241 taught by Professor Hartmann during the Spring '08 term at Northwestern.

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Exam5_2008_Solutions - NAME ______________________________...

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