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Study Group Test Review Chapter 1: Equal segregation of alleles Punnett squares: testcross, monohybrid, etc. Mitosis and Meiosis- know steps, haploid/diploid Chapter 2: Sex chromosomes- homogametic, heterogametic, humans vs. drosophila Reciprocal crosses Probability: sum rule, product rule Pedigree analysis Autosomal recessive Autosomal dominant X linked recessive X linked dominant Y linked Mitochondrial inheritance Sex-influence and sex-linked traits Structure of Eukaryotic chromosomes- chromatin
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Unformatted text preview: DNA packaging: 1 st beads on a string, 2 nd solenoid (coil), 3 rd scaffold, 4 th supercoil Centromeres: metacentric, sumetacentric/acrocentric, telocentric 3 features common to all chromosomes Heterochromatin vs. euchromatin- banding patterns Chapter 3: Independent assortment: probability, chromosomal basis, haploid organisms Branching Chi-square test Hybrid vigor Recombination Chapter 4: Linkage Cis vs. trans conformation...
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