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Hominin Evolution (4) General Remarks on Hominin Evolution Humans evolved from ancestor shared w/ chimps and bonobos Beginning of cooler, dryer climate- forest replaced w/ grassland- more carvnibores Hominin fossils represent extinct branches of evolutionary bush Calendar of Hominin Evolution 10-5 mya climate change in Africa 7 mya hominini separated from panini 4.4-1.1 mya Australopithecus
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Unformatted text preview: species 2.4-1.5 mya Homo habilis 1.9-0.3 mya Homo erectus 800-150 kya Archaic Homo sapiens 300-30 kya Homo neanderthaliensis 200 kya- present Modern Homo sapiens 12-7 kya agriculture Beginnings of Agriculture Defined by presence of domesticated plants &/or animals Allows greater pop density than hunting and gathering Big five- sheep, goats, pigs, cows and horses...
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