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Class Notes - Journalists and Media (Test 1)

Class Notes - Journalists and Media (Test 1) - Class Notes...

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Class Notes – Journalists and Media 1. Journalists as Political Actors a. Media act as surrogates for public officials b. Media acting as mouthpieces for government officials or interest groups i. EX: Media leaks c. Media deliberately framing stories to slant their interpretation in desired ways 2. Determinants of Journalists Choices a. Personality Theory i. Suggest that our background characteristics determine our journalistic preferences b. Organizational Theory i. Journalists function within a context of a large organization (FOX, MSN, NBC) their choices are dictated by the norms of that organization c. Role Theory i. Journalists make their decision based on what they think their proper role in society is d. Political and Economic Pressures i. Stories choose to pursue are a function of having to make profits, whose in office, etc 3. Criteria for Choosing Specific Stories a. Strength of Impact i. Find stories that will reach a broader audience b. Presence of violence, conflict, disaster, or scandal i. We like news of disorder c. Familiarity i. More likely to tune in news that is more relevant to our lives d. Proximity i. Distance between ourselves and the news ii. Tend to favor news that is close to home e. Timeliness and Novelty i. Want news we do not already know about, has to be out of the ordinary 4. Gate keeping a. Level of journalists that control what we ultimately get to see b. Gatekeepers - small number of journalists that have final control over story choices
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