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Key Applied Psychology Terms (Lahey, 2007, Chapter 17) Industrial/Organizational Psychology- psychologists who study organizations and seek ways to improve the functioning and human benefits of business. Employee selection and evaluation- The measures most commonly used include interviews, paper and pencil tests, performance tests, job performance ratings, and the evaluation of simulated job performance. Interviews- more or less structured conversations in which the employee or job applicant is questioned about his or her training, experience, and future goals. IQ test- are used by governments, the military, and private industry. A person with a higher IQ has the better opportunity but may be unfair. Knowledge/skills/abilities- spelling and reading tests are often given to applicants for secretarial and clerical jobs because applicants who are more skilled in these areas generally perform better on jobs such as word processing and proofreading. Performance tests- Employee selection tests that resemble the actual manual performance required on a job. Performance ratings- ratings of the actual performance of employees in their
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Key_applied_psychology_terms_chapter_17 - Key Applied...

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