exam I review - BIO301LEXAM1REVIEW(Tue.Sept.23,2008...

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BIO 301L- EXAM 1 REVIEW (Tue. Sept. 23, 2008) I prepared this as a general guide for studying. There are also 3 sample questions, easy, medium and challenging. Below that is a list of what you need to know from the images. No other images will be on the exam, though the concepts they demonstrate may be. Dr. Jasper LEARNING OBJECTIVES – Ch 1 List and describe the six kingdoms of living things. Understand the five properties shared by all living things. Understand the levels of hierarchical organization of the living world. Understand the concepts behind the five major themes used to organize the study of biology in this text: evolution, flow of energy, coevolution, function and structure, homeostasis. Understand the scientific process of observation, hypothesis, prediction, experimentation, and conclusion. Understand why the use of control subjects is necessary in experimentation. List the 4 core ideas of biology and describe each. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Ch 2 Describe the events that led to Darwin’s conclusion that evolution occurred through natural selection. Discuss the process of natural selection, and the consequences of the survival of the most fit. List the examples from Darwin’s travels that convinced him evolution had taken place. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Ch 3 Describe the basic structure of an atom. Explain how electrons determine how atoms interact. Define the term “isotopes” and list ways that they are used to date fossils. Describe ionic, covalent, and hydrogen bonds. List the biologically important characteristics of water that are due to its high polarity and hydrogen bonding. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Ch 4
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exam I review - BIO301LEXAM1REVIEW(Tue.Sept.23,2008...

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