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BUAD 301-15_F08 - BUAD 301-15 ADVANCED BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Dr Kathy Brzovic kbrzovic@fullerton.edu(714 278-3612 SGMH 4339 Office Hours

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BUAD 301-15 ADVANCED BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Fall 2008 Dr. Kathy Brzovic kbrzovic@fullerton.edu (714) 278-3612 SGMH 4339 Office Hours: Tuesday/Thursday 1:30-3:30 p.m. and by appointment. Required Readings: 1. James S. O’Rourke IV. Management Communication: A Case Analysis Approach . (3 rd edition). 2. . ( BWC ) Course Prerequisites: Beginning College Writing, (either English 101 or Communication 103), and BUAD 201. You may not be enrolled simultaneously in BUAD 201 and BUAD 301. COURSE CONTENT Common Body of Knowledge Content Coverage: This course provides an understanding of advanced business communication and prepares students to analyze cases, interpret data, research alternative solutions, solve problems, organize and write case reports, argue, negotiate, and persuade decision makers. Course Description: This course seeks to expand your knowledge of business communication and to develop your written and oral communication skills. To achieve these goals, we will study a variety of business cases that will help you understand the function of communication in the modern business world. You will analyze real-life business problems, and you will determine when and how to communicate corporate decisions to multiple stakeholders. You will have many opportunities to practice speaking and writing in order to achieve mastery of the five essentials of business communication: clearness, conciseness, completeness, courtesy, and correctness . Distinction between BUAD 201 and BUAD 301: In Business Writing (201) you learned how to write direct and indirect messages and how to deliver positive, neutral, and negative information using you- attitude and positive emphasis in order to maintain the good will of your audience. In many instances, you were presented with a checklist for organizing the documents and you were given most of the information you needed in order to compose routine business messages. In Advanced Business Communication (301) you will enter the world of uncertainty, in which there is no single “correct” answer to a business case, existing information may be misleading or simply incomplete, and multiple audiences may have competing interests that cannot be reconciled. In confronting real-world business cases, you will learn to: 1. Define the business problem. 2. Determine the company’s long-term goals and short-term objectives. 3. Identify key facts, assumptions, and critical issues. 4. Analyze appropriate alternatives for solving the business problem. 5.
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This note was uploaded on 09/30/2008 for the course BUAD 301 taught by Professor Mackie during the Fall '08 term at CSU Fullerton.

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BUAD 301-15_F08 - BUAD 301-15 ADVANCED BUSINESS COMMUNICATION Dr Kathy Brzovic kbrzovic@fullerton.edu(714 278-3612 SGMH 4339 Office Hours

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