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Syllabus Fall2008 - Principles of Marketing MKTG351...

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Principles of Marketing MKTG351 Professor Diane Slames Office: 5166 Mihaylo Hall Fall 2008 Phone: 278-3233 Office hrs: M: 10 am-11 am T Th: 9:45 am-11:30 am This course provides a background of the concepts, processes, and institutions in the marketing of goods and/or services both domestically and worldwide. TEXT: MKTG2 , by Lamb, Hair, & McDaniel, Thomson/Southwest Publishers. GENERAL COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To develop students' knowledge and understanding of the marketing concept. 2. To create astute observers of customers, the environment, and the organization to help find new ways to meet customer needs. 3. To acquaint students with current theories of marketing. 4. To teach students how to incorporate marketing knowledge into their business strategies. 5. To develop students' ability to translate theory into sound marketing decisions. 6. To create these skills and abilities as they relate to marketing in a global context. SPECIFIC COURSE OBJECTIVES (You should be proficient in these areas) Role of Marketing in the firm and the Marketing Concept Information and the Research Process, includes the role of database management and types of research. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning The issues inherent in global marketing strategies Marketing strategy, in particular the role of a strategic hierarchy and the differences between corporate strategies, functional strategies and plans/tactics. Product Life Cycles and Product Adoption Marketing channels and distribution strategies (supply chain management, logistics, retail strategies) Integrated Marketing Communications Pricing strategies The elements of Product Strategy The marketing plan Ethics Services and service quality Internet and it’s implication for marketing strategies Customer relationship management. Concepts: lifetime value of a customer, service recovery, CRM software. Marketing math basics
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GRADES I expect that the average grade in this course will be around a 2.1-2.3. Only truly exceptional work that is free of all errors and shows great depth of thought, effort, and originality will receive grades higher than 85. If you plan to receive an A or B in this course, you should plan to spend a great deal of time and effort outside of class. Final grades will be based on 400 points: Assignments 80 Quizzes, activities and/or assignments 20 Mid-term exam #1 100 Mid-term exam #2 100 Final exam 100 Total points 400 Final grades will be assigned as follows (There will be no plus/minus used): 360-400 Points A 320-359.9 Points B 280-329.9 Points C 240-279.9 Points D Under 240 Points F When grading papers and exams I look for evidence of original thought that applies the theories and principles you have learned in class and from readings. On essay exam questions I am looking for evidence that you are familiar with specific information and that you can apply it. Part of having a thorough grasp of a topic is in knowing what aspects of that topic warrant discussion. Therefore, on
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Syllabus Fall2008 - Principles of Marketing MKTG351...

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