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BUAD301 Tu/Th11:30- 09/11/08 Aritomo Hasegawa CASE 10-1 OAK BROOK MEDICAL SYSTEM, INC. Q1. What are the assumptions being made about Jackie by her colleagues and managers? : She is known to be curt with coworkers, defensive, overwhelming, talk down, unapproachable, tough to work with. Q2. What growth opportunities do you see for Jackie that could address the issue of communication with other employees? : She gets a bit paranoid as an African-American. And also her pride gets in the way of her self. She needs to think why there are difficulties of communicating with colleagues. It might be due to her attitude towards her coworkers. Q3. What do you see as obstacles that could get in the way of Jackie’s growth and development in the Hospital Supply Division? How do you think the environment in the division may have contributed to the difficulties she is
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Unformatted text preview: experiencing? : The people working for her division has closed culture such as competitive and has pride types who are dedicated and hardworking. Q4. What should you as her manager do to provide support and communicate that support to her? How would you go about challenging your assumption about her? What would you do to confront her assumption about others in the division? : Jackie and her coworker both have a misunderstand each other. I may suggest to both party to have conversation to dispel the misconception about their communication. Q5. If you would find it helpful, describe some example of the sort of feedback you might provide for Jackie regarding her work and her interaction with others in the division? : Her colleague has been quoted I feel like I am being talked down to when I have conversation with her....
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