buad304 discussion assignment 5

buad304 discussion assignment 5 - Norman Chen October24...

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Norman Chen October24, 2007 Tolan 14731 Assignment #5 Questions for Critical Thinking 2. Employers put a lot of emphasis on the interview for multiple reasons, and many of these reasons are unjustified. Managers oftentimes believe that even though a candidate may look perfect on paper, how an individual carries him/herself and communicates are very important criteria for higher-level tasks, and these tasks can be better identified in person. They also carry the belief that a candidate’s personality may be difficult to measure from studying a resume, but much easier to tell at an interview. However, studies have shown that interviewees oftentimes make inaccurate perceptual judgments. While interviews are supposed to assess an applicant’s applied mental skills, level of conscientiousness, and interpersonal skills, many of these qualities are not focused on as the questions tend to be biased, random, or irrelevant. 4. The implications derived from observing the two successful companies are these: both fear and gratitude are powerful motivators. Even though GE seems to hold onto Theory X that workers are generally bad and need to be motivated through fear to get anything accomplished, Lincoln believes in Theory Y which states that men are generally good and that they can accept responsibility. Lincoln Electric has a guaranteed employment policy, showing that the company is confident in not only its
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buad304 discussion assignment 5 - Norman Chen October24...

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