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Estimating Learning Curve Parameters Using Excel Solver Including Drawing Scatter Diagram This lesson illustrates the procedure of estimating learning curve parameters using Excel. Download the Excel file Lesson_10a_learning_w03_331.xls from the course website and follow the instruction given below. The above Excel spreadsheet contains the following in cells A3 to B13: Step 1: Compute logarithmic values We shall compute natural logarithms. Note that the choice between natural logarithm (base e ) and common logarithm (base 10) is related to the formula for parameter a . If common logarithm is used, the formula for a must be changed from what we use. The Excel function for natural logarithm is LN(). To get the natural logarithm of the number typed in cell A6, choose a cell, say A18 and enter the following formula: = LN(A6) Now, using copy and paste all the other natural logarithms may be obtained. The resulting values are shown below: 1 A B 3 Cumulative Number of Number of Hours Required 4 Units Produced For the Next Unit 5 u Y ( u ) 6 10 9.22 7 25 4.85 8 100 3.8 9 250 2.44 10 500 1.7 11 1000 1.03 12 5000 0.6 13 10000 0.5 A B 17 Ln( u ) Ln( Y ( u )) 18 2.302585093 2.221375038 19 3.218875825 1.578978705 20 4.605170186 1.335001067 21 5.521460918 0.891998039
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This note was uploaded on 09/30/2008 for the course MGMTSC 73-331 taught by Professor Baki during the Summer '08 term at Windsor.

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Lesson_10a_learning_w04_331 - Lesson 10a: Learning Curve...

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