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Part III – Social Activism 5. Edgar Chen’s guest lecture - Many companies have outsourced to Asia for its cheap labor. Because of this, workers here (Americans) have lost their jobs so the company can pay less for the same work. - There was many areas built strictly for these companies. They have the dorms/ work all in one area. Several hundred thousands can be working on this area. - There are “monitors” who keep these places in check, however easily bride off and unfocused, thus the work area does not change. 6. Historical Contemporary Challenges (Fierce Sister Video) - Roles that both races played Slaves/servants/whores/symbols - Both races are seen as exotic and mysterious - Seen as lower than a white women - Less power - Passive - Child bearers Part IV – New Paradigms 7. (Personal Opinion) Asians/Asian Americans have an easier or harder time with identity? - Asians do have less power when voicing their opinions - It is important to develop personally and able to keep tradition and their
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