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PROJECT: SELF PAPER IN LIEU OF CHILD OBSERVATION PROJECT This paper should describe relevant facts pertaining to development in your own life and should be completed only if you do not have access to a child or children to observe. Select three chapters in the text (from Chapter 3-16) and consider issues raised in those three chapters as they pertain to your own experience growing up. For example, you might consider Chapter 5 (Brain, Motor Skill, and Physical Development) if your parents kept a diary of the major milestones associated with your physical development and your growth. Were you within the norm or were there differences from those described in the text? How did your physical development affect
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Unformatted text preview: you as an adult, etc.? Or you might consider Chapter 14 (The Family) and talk about the what kind of family organization and parenting style, sibling influences, etc. you experienced and how that may have influenced your own development. Another chapter might be concerned with peers and how they influenced you. What kinds of group dynamics, socialization opportunities, friendships, etc. had an effect on you? Again, choose 3 of the chapters and spend 2-3 pages in your paper on your reactions to the material discussed in them and how it relates (or did not relate) to your own development....
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