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Japanese Paper - Subtle Differences Of Panels With society...

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Subtle Differences Of Panels With society there is always change, such as the fashion and electronics. It is a nonstop because people will evolve into what they believe is better and more fitting to catch people’s eyes. In the classic from Osamu Tezuka, Astro Boy , an old classic that paved the way to everyday manga that is well loved by people from around the world. There are many changes that were quite different from the old classics from Osamu Tezuka’s, Astro Boy , and Riyoko Ikeda’s, Rose of Versailles . In Astro Boy , the story telling was different and allowed people to get more involved with the characters. However, the story telling style was dull and uninteresting as time went on. With the manga, Rose of Versailles , there was drastic change that really showed the changes and gave way to the future styles of manga because of the attention it received. Panels are very important when it comes to the manga, however it’s not used to its full potential in Astro Boy . Full panel scenes were used, and allowed the audience to see what was going on. This worked to show what actions were being done, but there was no real focus that was used. (See Figure 01). In Rose of Versailles , close up are used often to boost certain emotions, such as seen in figure 01, Marie Antoinette is in a state of fear and because she
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Japanese Paper - Subtle Differences Of Panels With society...

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