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Vampire Princess Miyu 00 - People are tempted by desires...

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People are tempted by desires everyday, and in the series, “ Vampire Princess Miyu”, everyday people are thrown into the world of the supernatural, with a chance of changing themselves. The series consists of people encountering their flaws and the ability to overcome it, however there is a price to pay which many people do not realize. Miyu is the guardian who tracks and returns the shinma to the darkness. She is a vampire who struggles with her human emotions because she attempts to be heartless however she still can feel pain of a human heart. Her compassion is what leads her to care for human beings, but she does not try to go out of her way if they put themselves in that position. The shinma, who are the demons that pray on the weak hearted, are the ones who Miyu fights to return to the darkness. Each shinma have special abilities that allow them to tempt the weak human minds. The price of their abilities is their own souls and most of the time; the human beings are led into this trap without knowing the full extent of their “contract”. In an episode, called “ At the Next Station ”, young beautiful women are given a choice of becoming more beautiful; however there is a tragic price to pay. These women fall victim to be lifeless dolls. Roh-Sha is the demon who lures these women to become eternally frozen on an underground display for his personal collection (See Figure 01). These women cry out loud which echoes through the tunnels of the subways. When Miyu sends back Roh-Sha to the darkness, Larva, Miyu’s Figure 01. Underground Display
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Vampire Princess Miyu 00 - People are tempted by desires...

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