Soc Paper - Growing Separation The concept of race is...

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Growing Separation The concept of race is defined in so ways, yet it is not defined as equal. Physical characters are what defined a person, as well as culture they have. On this campus of UMASS Amherst, there is diversity, but with that comes the differences. With the growing population of the minorities, is there a fear that the ethical balance will tip in one’s favor? On, Asians are nine percent to the seventy-three percent of Whites/Non-Hispanic. African-American follows with five percent, Hispanics with four percent, and there is eight percent who wish not to be defined. Minorities have on-campus programs that promote a sense of unity among the minorities, such as ALANA (African, Latino, Asian/Pacific Islander, and Native American), and AASA (Asian American Student Association). There are also groups for those with different religions and sexual preferences, such as the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). All of these groups are active, and are able to rise when a problem arises, like if a hate crime was to occur. With today’s society, we have been taught to see race as a “scientific categorization of people based on biological differences between groups of individuals” (Mooney, Knox, Schacht, 291). However, besides biological conditions, there are cultural definitions that lie on the minds of people. The problem that is encountered here is that the general public on campus does not see the separation. The separation isn’t only by race however; it also involves religion, sexual preference, etc.
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This culture may not see this as a major problem, however interacting with the young adults, the rising opinions begins to flood the new waves. Hate crimes threaten those who come out into the open with their sexual preferences, or those who are
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Soc Paper - Growing Separation The concept of race is...

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